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GVX(Grandfar pumps/50HZ)
Range of Performance
Flow rate up to 400 l/min (24 m3/h)
Head up to 11 m
Limits of Use
Liquid temperature up to + 35°C
Environmental temperature up to + 40°C
Uses and Installations
This pump is designed to lift dirty water which is not chemically aggressive to the pump components. In all cases can suspended solids up to 15mm go through the chanal. Recommended applications therefore include draining floods in confined areas such as basements and garages, and also pumping domestic waste and the disposal of waste water, containing fibrous matter and is also widely used in many factories. These pumps are easy to install and dependable when used automatically in fixed installations. A purposely built pit with minimum dimensions 450*450*450mm is recommended for fixed installations, to provide total drainage and allow correct operation of the float switch. This system automatically starts the pump when the fluid reaches a preset level, and stops it once the fluid has been emptied. Installing a suitable non-return valve on the delivery pipe can prevent reverse flow when the pump stops.
Hydraulic Performance Curves
Technical Data