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GVHS(Grandfar pumps/50HZ)
Range of Performance
Flow rate up to 700 l/min (42 m3/h)
Head up to 18.5 m
Limits of Use
Liquid temperature up to + 35°C
Environmental temperature up to + 40°C
Uses and Installations
GVHS pumps are submersible vortex pump,for fluid which PH scope is from 4-10,designed mainly for for industrial use.This pumps are designed for tansportation of mine enterprises, construction sites,breed aquatics industry,fluid drug,drik,milk products,seawater.In all cases,for GVHS250,where suspended solids up to 15mm have to dealt.for GVHS750 ,where suspended solids up to 25mm have to be dealt.. The pumps must be installed in enclosed places.
Hydraulic Performance Curves
Technical Data