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GVHS(Grandfar pumps/50HZ)
Range of Performance
Flow rate up to 380 l/min (22.7 m3/h)
Head up to 12 m
Limits of Use
Liquid temperature up to + 35°C
Environmental temperature up to + 40°C
Uses and Installations
GVHS series stainless steel submersible pumps can be used for garden watering, oxygenating of water cluster box, or in supplying and draining water for ordinary places, and charaterized by corrosion resistance,small volume, light weight and convenient operation. It is fitted with multiple water-outlet pipes and self-regulated according to the requirements of its life and flow, and can be used at a deadlock (It is fitted with a floating switch. So it is possible to carry out the automatic control of start-stop action under no ones care.) Single-phase capacitor-running asynchronous motor is equipped in this pump and installed with a built-in thermal protector,and can be automatically cut-off in the case of overheat or overcurrent, thus ensuring safe reliable running under worse circumstances.
Hydraulic Performance Curves
Technical Data